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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 13, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PST

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bigger angle. >> deepak says if your boss is driving you crazy say you're being treated yucky today and yummy if you're getting treated well. >> questions on twitter letting your kid cry. i used to just have a glass of wine and ignore it but clearly i'm not deepak chopra and i'm just a bad parent. nice to have you with us guys. we appreciate it. "cnn newsroom" begins now. >> it's just 9:00 and you're talking about drinking already. my goodness. >> i didn't say in the morning but yes. technicalcally yes. >> it's 5:00 somewhere. have a great weekend. happening now, new details on the shopping mall killer and the holiday shoppers doomed simply by crossing his path. the victims stories and the gunman's rage ahead on cnn. after years of failed attempts, north korea successfully launches a rocket,
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why the u.s. is calling it clear provocation. they're back, after three months an apology from apple's ceo and a fired high-ranking executive later while google maps returning this morning to the iphone store. last night the stars came out and brought the house down. ♪ checking in your suitcase, thunder's rolling down this track ♪ >> we'll take you to the concert that raised nearly $30 million for superstarm soorm sandy reli. "the newsroom" starts right now. good morning. car roll is off today, i'm don lemon. breaking news out of afghanistan, just a short time ago a suicide bomber detonated a vehicle outside the gates of kandahar airbase. defense secretary leanne panetta had been there, traveling there but he left hours earlier. not clear if the attack was tied to his visit. there are initial reports, though, that several coalition
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soldiers were wounded along with as many as ten civilians. we'll keep you updated on that attack here on cnn as we get new information. and also new this morning, there are details out of the man behind the shooting rampage in oregon and the tragic aftermath of his rage. and we now know more about his victims as well. this is 54-year-old cindy ann yuille. she was a hospice nurse and family say everybody's friend. steve forsyth had two children and loved to coach kid's sports. the 45-year-old businessman had a zest for life, a wicked sense of humor and never said a bad word about anyone. christina shevchenko will recover, but faces more surgery. this is a man who unleashed the carnage, 22-year-old jacob
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roberts. shocked friends say he was kind and he was upbeat and studying to become a firefighter. kyung lah went to the home where he spent his final hours. >> reporter: anybo >> anybody standing behind it they'll have problems. >> reporter: housemates of jacob tyler not willing to talk about what might have led roberts to open fire on holiday shoppers. >> i've seen him there. >> reporter: neighbors say the 22-year-old moved in six months ago renting the basement of this portland house. >> just came out and he didn't wave or anything, you know, just got out and came out and wiput e guitar case in the car. >> reporter: two hours later the 911 calls were coming n roberts wearing a hockey mask and firing a stolen ar-15 semiautomatic rifle was making his way through the mall. >> all i heard was "i am the shooter" and shots rang out, five, six shots and i ran out
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and started telling anyone and everyone i saw there is a shooting going on. >> reporter: police say the only reason he didn't kill more people, his rifle jammed. he had several fully loaded magazines. officers back at robert's house are trying to piece together what caused this man to fire into crowds of people befo killing himself. >> at this time we do not understand the motive of this attack except to say there's no apparent relationship between the suspect and his victims. >> my son did grow up with jake and he was a very good boy and it is very shocking. >> reporter: family and friends say roberts showed no warning signs. there was this, though, perhaps a sign of a gun fascination on his facebook page, it shows a man firing a handgun. friends say roberts had been a popular boy at his high school and loved by his mother, who shared this statement read by a friend. >> she is very sad and wants everyone to know she's so sorry
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what jake did. it's so out of his character. and on that note i just -- >> that was kyung lah reporting. the latest on the investigation, we turn to deputy byron o'neil, spokesman for the clackamas county sheriff's department. thank you for your time. we know you're very busy. >> yes. >> no clear motive? >> no clear motive. as you can imagine we have got mountains of interviews and data and evidence tho go through so we're still working to make sure we know exactly why he did this. at this point we don't have any conclusions yet. >> and no idea about his background, what may have been troubling him because friends are saying he was upbeat, he was quiet, he was a good person up until this very moment. >> we have nothing yet that we've been able to put together to understand why he did this. >> okay. are you finding out anything more about the gun? apparently the rifle you said was taken from someone else, a
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registered gun? >> it was an ar-15 semiautomatic rifle that was apparently stolen from a person that he knew. >> and you're not, that's all the details you're giving out, just a person that he knew? >> that's all we have so far that we're giving out so we're still trying to tie up all the loose ends and make sure any information we give out is 100% accurate. >> deputy byron o'neil, where does this go from here? what is next for your investigation? >> again we're just going to keep compiling data. i believe we've talked to most of the witnesses now that we know of, certainly if there are any out there we haven't had a chance to talk to we'd like the opportunity to talk to them and in the matter of compiling that information and looking at all different statements and seeing where the commonalities lie and tracking his movement that he went throughout the mall and each step of the process. we'll also be going into his background and checking into all facets to ensure there wasn't
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any accomplices or anything at this time. we want to be 100% certain of the circumstances. >> thank you very much, deputy byron o'neil, spokesman for the clackamas county sheriff's department. the nurse who committed suicide after taking a prank call at a hospital where prince williams wife is being treated left three notes. officials in london would not disclose what the notes said but said co-workers found jacintha saldanha hanging from her wardrobe door by a scarf. an australian watch dog group is investigating the radio station behind the prank call. this morning, four crew members were rushed to the hospital after a navy helicopter made a hard landing at a base near san diego. the chopper was being used for routine training. cause of the hard landing under investigation right now. . a fight over a small cluster of uninhabited lands between japan and china.
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japan sent eight fighter jets after a chinese plane was seen near the islands. it was gone by the time they got there. china continues to claim the islands. the islands have been in japanese control for years. japan bought the privately owned islands in september. some are calling it a break-through, north korea making its first successful long range rocket launch but less than 24 hours after liftoff a u.s. official tells cnn the country may not be in full control of the satellite. joining me is cnn contributor and retired u.s. army general spider marks. good morning. >> good morning. >> what does this mean? is this a setback for north korea? >> it's not a setback at all for north korea. north korea successfully launched something into an extra atmospheric orbit, albeit it's not control. they were able to build a three-stage missile and get an object into space. >> here is how leon pa net ta
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spoke about it. he spoke to erin burnett in afghanistan. >> this is a clear provocation. we've warned them not to do it. we've been very concerned about their firing this missile, in violation of every international standard and rule and it's clear one of the reasons we're rebalancing the pacific is to deal with the threat from north korea, and we will. we're prepared to do that. we'll respond if we have to. >> so general marks, the secretary says the u.s. is "prepared to respond." what options, if at all, does the u.s. have in this situation? >> primarily the definition of our ability to respond militari militarily, let me start with that, is at a tactical and robust level. we've had great relationships with the regional partners
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primarily south korea, certainly japan, burgeoning and hopefully some degree of cooperation or communications with the chinese unknown in that part of the world in terms of the russians, but we have a very large, very robust, very mature tactical engagement capability in korea that would allow us to prevent any threat that might exist in the south on the peninsula. missile defense we have incredible capability in terms of anti-ballistic missile but for north korea to get into the ballistic missile business, they have to be transparent and they've chosen not to do that and that's the secretary's parent. there are u.n. resolutions that say you will not do that. this is not authorized unless you open up, you're transparent and you adhere to other forms of normalcy. they haven't done that. so the united states has a very broad capability with the republic of korea and our close allies there and in japan. >> all right, general spider
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marks, thank you. >> thanks, don. just when you thought the strange tale of john mcafee couldn't get more bizarre, the software founder turned up in miami saying authorities in guatemala expelled him and put him on a plane to the u.s. the millionaire who spent weeks on the run and days in detainment spoke to reporters outside his south beach hotel. >> reporter: people don't believe you murdered your neighbor. >> i don't think anybody thinks i murdered my neighbor except you, the press. you think i had anything to do with this? i had no choice. i was whisked out of the prison, forcibly separated from samantha and here i am. i don't have a plan. i'm here, i'm hungry, i plan to eat. >> reporter: one meal at a time. >> if you ever tasted guatemalan jail food it's not nice and i'd like some sushi. >> john zarrella this is the most bizarre, one of the most bizarre stories that i have ever
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been witness to. he wants sushi, there's music playing, he was in hiding in belize a short time ago, now he's in miami where you are. do you have any idea what's going on and what is next for mcafee? >> well, nobody's quite sure what is next although there is some speculation that perhaps because last night he was whisked away from miami airport and taken over to miami beach that perhaps federal authorities have picked him up and brought him to miami beach want to talk to him. don't forget this was a u.s. businessman who was killed, his neighbor, back on november 11th in belize, so the fbi would have jurisdiction to talk to him about that, even though he continues to insist he had nothing to do with gregory fall's murder, and the other issue in all of this is how come he ends up back in miami and not back in belize. well he said last night that there were some very tense negotiations that resulted in
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him coming here to miami and as he said in that sound bite, he really wasn't clear where he was going other than he was sent and put on a plane back to miami. >> does know he wants some sushi. at least he knows that. >> yes, last night. >> bizarre. john zarrella, thank you very much. >> sure. it was a star-studded night at new york's madison square garden, an amazing gathering of musicians all sharing the stage for a very worthy cause. the 12-12-12 concert for sandy relief. ♪ ♪ with the ticket in your suitcase, thunder's rolling down this track ♪ ♪ where you don't know where you're going now, but you know you won't be back ♪ >> gotta love the boss. new jersey's hometown favorite, bruce springsteen kicked off the concert. there were performances by pearl jam's eddie vetter, roger waters from pink floyd, the rolling
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stones, kanye west and paul mccartney playing frontman for members of mir vanna. ♪ i have become comfortably numb ♪ >> there are estimates the concert reached 2 billion people and raised $30 million in tickets and other sales. proceeds will benefit relief efforts for superstorm sandy victims. fedex may be overcharging for your shipments and they know it. not only that, fedex may be making massive profits because of it. we'll tell you who is making these claims. s believe they shoe in charge of their own future. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you one-to-one.
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see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to fedex is accused of systematically overcharging people for years and the lawsuit claims the executive knew about it and it may have earned fedex millions of dollars. alison kosik, hello to you. we're hearing about some internal e-mails that make fedex look bad? >> nothing like some internal e-mails that come out to show these alleged shenanigans fedex is accused of doing.
6:18 am
overcharging for any company never good for pr, covering it up even worse and keep in mind these are only allegations but these are allegations that fedex overcharged business customers, government offices, bank of america, toyota, other companies, too. there's been a class action lawsuit filed against fedex, happened in 2011 and "the wall street journal" says it claims a worker there tried to bring the overcharging up to his superior to let them know this was happening but what's new are the court documents were unsealed this week including these e-mails and in them it shows that this worker wrote this e-mail saying he believes fedex is systematically overcharging customers for residential delivery fees. he said "i have brought this to the attention of many people and no action has been taken to address it." don? >> so don't leave me hanging. what is fedex saying about this? how are they responding? >> fedex is saying the documents they don't tell the entire story, they'll continue to defend the allegations.
6:19 am
fedex also noting that customers who have billing issues can get refunds online or call the company. something tells me e-mails aren't going to be enough. plaintiffs will need proof they were overcharged. we'll keep following this and see how all of it plays out. >> appreciate it,alson kosik at the new york stock exchange this morning. nfl hall of famer dick butkus not on the gridiron but capitol hill. >> it's time to send a clear message that performance-enhancing drugs have no place in sports, especially the nfl. >> while the league and the union battle over drug testing, a growing concern about how this issue affects younger athletes trying to gain an edge. from the best players in history
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to the number 1 club in the world. the potential of manchester united unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. social security are just numbers thinkin a budget.d... well, we worked hard for those benefits. we earned them. and if washington tries to cram decisions about the future... of these programs into a last minute budget deal... we'll all pay the price. aarp is fighting to protect seniors with responsible... solutions that strengthen medicare and... social security for generations to come. we can do better than a last minute deal... that would hurt all of us.
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amid the partisan wrangling over the fiscal cliff there is agreement on capitol hill over one issue, human growth hormone testing for nfl players. the nfl players union has fought implementation of testing for steroids since it was included as last year's collective bargaining agreement. major league baseball already tests its players. lawmakers for the nfl to follow
6:23 am
suit which included testimony from a football legend. >> believe me, i believe a lot of them wanted -- nobody wants to be playing and have that shadow hanging over. well did he or didn't he take the juice? did he or didn't he? the majority of them want to do the testing. >> we are addicted in our society. we have an addiction to winning, winning at all costs. we have 9, 10-year-old kids who are drinking gallons of energy drinks in order to get an edge. kids when they're 12 or 13 will spend thousands of dollars on unregulated supplements, muscle supplements, diet supplements in order to get bigger and stronger and faster. and then when they get to high school where it's really competitive and winning is really important, they go to the hard stuff. >> tim green was a star
6:24 am
defensive end for the atlanta falcons for eight years. since his retirement he's been successful as a broadcaster, attorney and a novelist and among his novels he has written a series of books for young readers on sports. he joins me now on the phone. tim, good morning to you. >> good morning, don, good to be with you. >> good to be with you, too, thanks for coming on. you have children. you've written for kids and coached them. do you worry about young athletes taking the wrong message about performance-enhancing drugs? >> absolutely. whatever young players hear about professional athletes, using performance drugs, the message is loud and clear that it is a part of the game and it's a way to, you know, it's a prerequisite to get to the next level and ultimately the highest level, and when the players union, and i understand they need to use bargaining chips for different issues, but i just
6:25 am
think it's a tragedy that they're fighting human growth hormone testing, because that sends a very clear message to young athletes and that is that hgh is part of getting to the nfl and we don't want to test because we want our players to use it. it's horrible. >> you use the word prerequisite. you saw mike gembel from the medical center equating the smart drinks, he's saying they're basically a gateway drug so to speak to steroids. >> you know, i don't know where i am on the gateway drug theory but i will tell you that my kids and athletes i've coached, kids will tell you that. kids will say marijuana is a gateway to cocaine juice. kids will say that energy drinks are a gateway to unrestricted
6:26 am
supplements a gateway to anabolic steroids. i've done this in the research for my books for kids and in fact performance drug use is the issue in some of these books and there's no question that high school athletes in the united states, it is an epidemic, steroid use among high school athletes estimated as high as 600,000 young athletes using anabolic steroids. it's dangerous and wrong. they're doing it because our society and our professional sports league are sending a loud message it's okay. the other part is the tour de france. lance armstrong was at the top of his game but knew he couldn't compete unless he used the same
6:27 am
illegal method everyone else was using. if sports leagues are serious about sending a clear message they would be emphatic in their efforts to eradicate and eliminate performance drugs. they could do it if they want to. they have to spend the time the effort and the energy to do it and certainly need the cooperation of the players association. >> tim green, appreciate you joining us, thank you very much. barbara walters asks chris christie, are you too heavy to be president? his response next.
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opening bell on wall street, poised to open higher. there it is. you know that sound. there's the opening bell right now. this is following reports that initial jobless claims fell more than expected last week and retail sales bounced back in november. ringing the bell you see them there, executives and guests of western gas equity partners. notice anything different about your tv? starting today you're going to be happy because i am, too, broadcasters and pay tv providers are no longer allowed to air excessively loud tv commercials. [ applause ] that includes political ads. congress passed the calm act in 2010 with bipartisan support. the federal communication said loud commercials have been a leading source of complaints. yeah! new jersey governochris christie admits he is more than a little overweight. during an interview with abc he shot back at criticism his
6:32 am
weight would affect him if he were ever president. >> there are people who say that you couldn't be president because you're so heavy. what do you say to them? >> that's ridiculous. that's ridiculous. people watched me in hurricane sandy doing 18-hour days so i don't really think that would be a problem. >> christie says he may not be think being the presidency any time soon. he said last month that he would seek a second term as governor. stay tuned for that one. trust me. american airlines is going to start charging you differently when you buy a plane ticket. it says it's offering lower fares and flexibility by bundling options like checked bag fees, priority boarding and avoiding change fees. some critics say the new options are actually more restricting and could end up costing passengers more for the same service. warning, fiscal cliff ahead. did you see that? we go to politics head. the nation edging closer to the
6:33 am
fiscal cliff and with 19 days to go there is no deal, outlining what he calls "deliberate and frank talks with president obama" house speaker john boehner says both sides remain far apart. joining me is cnn analyst roland martin and cnn contributor will cain. to roland first. is this a real stalemate or is this all about posturing? >> it's a real stalemate. obviously republicans who clearly do not want to raise taxes on anybody, the president's made it perfectly clear that i won, i have a mandate and we are not going to continue doing this. also keep in mind the bush cuts contributed to our deficit so it's interesting to hear folks say we should continue them but they didn't say let's cut the deficit when they contribute it according to the cbo. i think the president certainly has more referage on his side and republicans know it and trying to hold out as best as they can. in the end he'll get his wish. >> who is going to blink first?
6:34 am
will this is for you. seems like americans aren't interested in lawmakers digging in. look at the poll. this is what a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll shows the first time the majority of republican voters 59% want the party leaders to compromise and democrats an all-time high of 70%. separate poll, who will be to blame if no deal is reached a majority, 56% say both, both sides. so how much can public opinion if at all, you can see the american public, they're sick of it. how much is public opinion influencing this debate? >> those polls reflect a little different from what we've understood in the past. in order to get the compromise the polls would like to see there has to be a give and take on both sides. the give and take the republicans are requiring, they want to see spending cuts included in this fiscal cliff
6:35 am
deal. roland's right. democrats won the election. they're sitting in the catbird seat. they don't want to include spending cuts and president obama doesn't think he needs to. if we go over the cliff other polls suggest republicans will get the blame. they have most of the leverage, therefore we don't get to a compromise or a deal. one calf national, republicans recognized this lack of leverage. they looked into 2013 and see a couple months in we have a debt ceiling deal. if we don't do a compromise now we're going to hold you during that debt ceiling debate and get spending cuts out of you then and president obama does not want to relive that 2011 catastrophe, chaos. >> roland, before you go, i didn't hear anything, it was all, it sounded like charlie brown to me after i heard you say roland's right. i don't know if i've ever heard you utter those words, will cain. >> actually he often says that. this is not a shocker. it's not breaking news and exclusive. it happens a lot. >> it's a just in, but go ahead,
6:36 am
what were you saying? >> here's the deal, first of all for the audience, we talk about the fiscal cliff, it involves three things. first of all it deals with the bush tax cuts set to expire in december. it also deals with the debt ceiling, sequestration, there's three parts to it. the president is consistently saying i talked to people in his administration, saying look we want to deal first just with the tax cuts. republicans want to add the other pieces to it because they know it's hard to defend fighting for the tax cuts for the top 2%. they need to be able to tell their supporters we got something out of this. the president is saying separate them. that's part of the reason why you have this battle. >> dig deeper into what you're saying, roland, 70% for democrats, 70% seem to suggest they are willing to see cuts in entitlements, house speaker john boehner says taxes remain a sticking points but there are reports that bainer is open to more revenues. is it time for democrats to give
6:37 am
more on social security, medicare and medicaid? >> the president did so last year. if you ask republican leadership they would love to take the deal he put on the table last year, that is three cuts for every one revenue increase. guess what? they can't do it now. in fact the president is asking for $1.6 trillion in new revenue when he settled for $800 billion last year. they thought we're going to win the white house, we'll get our way. now he's making them pay saying sorry, i won, you didn't. >> first to roland and i'll give you the last word, will. deal, before the end of the year? >> yeah, there will be a deal. >> will? >> only if the president's terrified of the debt ceiling debate, otherwise the public is with him and fight for taxes going up and no spending cuts. i don't know how scared of the debt ceiling he is. >> i saw him the other night, doesn't look scared. >> thank you, appreciate it. awards season in hollywood,
6:38 am
find out if your favorite movies got nominated for a golden globe. [ bells dinging ] ♪ hark how the bells, sweet silver bells ♪ ♪ all seem to say throw care away ♪ ♪ from everywhere, filling the air ♪ [ female announcer ] chex party mix. easy 15-minute homemade recipes you just pop in a microwave. like caramel chocolate drizzles. happier holidays. chex party mix.
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cnn an fill yapts are reporting justin bieber was a target of a bizarre murder plot. police say mark stake and dana martin, two inmates at the new mexico prison and a third man came up with a plan to strangle bieber. the plan fell apart when stake was arrested after being released from prison. martin then confessed the plan. he is reportedly obsessed with bieber and has a bieber tattoo on his leg. bieber's management says he's okay. celebrities up this early hour, only means one thing in hollywood. it is time to announce the nominees and this morning, the hollywood foreign press association announces who is up for a golden globe. nischelle turner is in beverly hills up early. you warned me yesterday that we're going to be doing this all over again. >> reporter: yes.
6:42 am
>> which films were nominated? >> reporter: well you know what they do, don, and i know so many people that sit home and watch awards show hate when people wait until the very end of the show to announce who wins the best movie, right? well this is what i'm going to do for you, i'll give that to you first thing, the grand daddy of them all and give you the nominees for best picture in the drama category and best picture in the comedy category. best quick tour drama, argo, django unchanged, life of pi, lincoln and zero dark thirty. and all of the directors were nominated for best director as well. comedy category, a little different, the best exotic mare gold hotel. i have to get used to saying that because apparently it's going to be said a lot this awards season, very long title, less miserables, moonrise kingdom, salmon fishing in the yemen and silver linings playbook. those comedy movies, there's a little zing to the zang there.
6:43 am
there's some different, smaller, quirkier movies and that's what we see the hollywood foreign press do a lot of times. there will be a lot of star power at the 70th annual golden globe awards this year hosted by tina faye and aimee poehler, got nominations for best am stress in a comedy series. women will be in full force. here is a couple of things that stood out, people who did not get nominated, anthony hopkins did not get nominated for "hitchco "hitchcock" although helen mirren did and no jamie foxx although leonardo and quentin tarantino nominated for best director and screen play but no jamie foxx once again. don? >> no jamie foxx. any other factors? >> reporter: no jamie foxx. >> any other actors nominated? >> reporter: oh, yeah. you know what here is where the
6:44 am
hollywood foreign press likes, they like star power, they love a-listers on the red carpet and there's a lot of that in the acting categories. some of the actors in a drama, daniel day lewis for "lincoln." "lincoln" leads the pack with seven nominations, reaichard ge for "arbitrage" john hawkes, joaquin phoenix, didn't get one for the s.a.g. but got one here and denzel washington for "flight." people are saying it's almost weird to say but people say this is denzel's best work so this will be an interesting race. the actor comedies, jack black in "bernie" bradley cooper, hue jackson, ewan mcgregor and bill murray for "hyde park on hudson." the women we've got some favorites, jessica chastain nominated in the drama category
6:45 am
and marion cotillar, helen mirren, naomi watts and rachel weisz. emily blunt for "salmon fishing in the yemen" for the comedy side, judy dench, jennifer lawrence, a heavy favorite, maggie smith for "quartet" and how could you have an award show without meryl streep, nominated for "hope springs." we cannot have an awards show without her. >> nischelle you're the best, thank you. >> reporter: bye, don. the magic of the season, the reality of hard times, how a secret santa is rescuing the holidays for many who are down on their luck. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles
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checking top stories on cnn there are signs north korea the satellite launched on the rocket may not be stable. pyongyang may not have control of the satellite and it could fall back to earth in several months. near san diego a helicopter makes a hard landing at a navy base. all four crew members were taken to the hospital to be checked out. the cause of the hard landing now under investigation. there's some encouraging news for california governor jerry brown. his doctors say his prognosis is excellent as he undergoes radiation therapy for prostate cancer. that treatment is expected to be completed after a month, in a month. near kansas city, missouri, a secret santa making holiday dreams come true. the local businessman who doesn't want to be identified is doling out $100 bills to unsuspecting strangers, for those in need it's enough to rescue a bleak season. >> merry christmas, whoever the
6:49 am
secret santa is, god bless him, merry christmas. >> i look on the face for sadness and when i find sadness, there needs to be hope, and so that's who i usually approach first. that's yours. >> oh, my god, are you serious? >> yeah, i think you dropped it. >> oh, my god. >> this year the secret santa has given away about $100,000. he took over the job from the original secret santa who gave away nearly $1.5 million between 1979 and his death in 2006. we want to turn to the crisis in syria, where government officials have rejected a decision by the u.s. to recognize the opposition as representative of the syrian people. it comes as u.s. officials say forces loyal to president bashar al assad have fired at least four short range scud missiles into northern syria, likely at rebels. those missiles are adding to fears that syria could be developing chemical weapons. in an exclusive interview with erin burnett, defense secretary
6:50 am
leon pa net ta talked about the potential threat. >> i think there's a danger here. based on the intelligence that we got a few weeks ago that they were in fact beginning to assemble these weapons and put them together, and when you do that, that's the dangerous sign that the next step is to use them. and so that's why we issued the warnings we did, made very clear there would be consequences and at least you know, at least at point, the intelligence on this issue is kind of leveled off. but my concern is this, that as the opposition continues to move against the regime, particularly as they move toward damascus, that the regime feels it's in danger of collapsing, that in might very well resort to these
6:51 am
kinds of weapons. that's what concerns me the most. >> and panetta also spoke about afghanistan as america's longest war is expected to come to an end next year. was the sacrifice worth it? hear more on erin burnett "outfront" starting at 7:00. anncr: some politicians seem to think medicare and... social security are just numbers in a budget. well, we worked hard for those benefits. we earned them. and if washington tries to cram decisions about the future... of these programs into a last minute budget deal...
6:52 am
we'll all pay the price. aarp is fighting to protect seniors with responsible... solutions that strengthen medicare and... social security for generations to come. we can do better than a last minute deal... that would hurt all of us.
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6:54 am
finally good news about the health of our economy and i have two words for you. retail therapy. alison kosik looking at our first major reading since the start of the holiday shopping season. i've been doing a lot of it. >> me, too. love retail therapy. but that's good. so you're counted in these stats. this is you. we are getting this first glimpse into the all-important holiday shopping season. when the stores opened early on thanksgiving evening, receipts s let's see if it worked. in november, retail sales rose
6:55 am
0.3%. doesn't sound huge, but sales were down the month before. so consumers got an early start to the shopping season and they weren't too shy about opening their wallets. they bought clothing, electronics. people also did a lot of online shopping. and this is a good sign for the economy. an analyst says it's a little less worried about slow growth especially after what the fed said yesterday, that they don't expect economic growth to be as strong as originally expected. now, super storm sandy also factored into this report. i improvement stores and car dealers. but the big concern going forward is the fiscal cliff. walmart ceo said their shoppers are actually more and more aware of the cliff and some say it's going to effect their hole cida spending.
6:56 am
if somebody on capitol hill would listen, wouldn't we all be sitting pretty. >> yes, we would. drew brees, roger goodell, may be smiling here, but they're not happy with each other. brees wants an apology. goodell's not giving it. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries.
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call today and make the switch to the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. why wait? let's talk some sports. drew brees wants the nfl to go beyond vacating the bounty suggestions, but it looks like he'll get no satisfaction from roger goodell. brees blasted goodell saying someone there the league office should publicly admit the case was mishandled. sg >> the league office and commissioner have very little to no credibility to us as players.
7:00 am
>> the arbiter did not absolve the players of wrongdoing. green makes a back door -- take as pass under the basket and converts the lay-up with 0.9 of a second left in the game. it's their fifth win in a row for the warriors. and final score of an indiana girls high school basketball game, 107-2. sports fans as well as parents are upset that the coaches would let the game get so ugly. the state's high school athletic association is looking at the possibility of a mercy rule for future games. one sports talk show host says the winning team should have taken its foot off the pedal. >> we have people who called in and verified they were pressing in to the third quarter. you were winning 39-0, 69-1 at
7:01 am
halftime. with a a what are you do something statement made. >> everybody can't get a trophy or medal. the athletic director of the losing team says he holds no ill wi will. the next hour of the cnn newsroom starts right you now. happening now, new details on the shopping mall killer and the holiday shoppers doomed simply by crossing his path. the victims' stories and gunman's rage just ahead. plus this. i'm alison kosik. have you missed google maps on your iphone? well, miss no more. apple does an about-face and google says told you. the stories coming up. on the run. immigration detention and now south beach. the story of john mcafee takes another bizarre twist. and the crowd was rocking in the name of charity.
7:02 am
we'll bring you the concert for the victims of super storm sandy in the newsroom which starts right now. good morning, i'm don lemon. this morning there are new details behind the shooting ram pa rampage in oregon. and this is 54-year-old cindy ann yuille. she was a hospice nurse and her family says she was everybody's friend. she leaves behind a 23-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old stepson. steve forsyth also had two children and loved to coach kids sports. the 45-year-old businessman had a zest for life, a wicked sense of humor and never said a bad word about anyone. christina is in stable but serious condition with bullet fragments in her lung and her liver. doctors say the 15-year-old will recover but faces more surgery. and this is the man would unleashed the carnage,
7:03 am
22-year-old jacob roberts. shocked friends say he was kind and upbeat and studying to become a firefighter. dan simon is in happy valley, oregon with the very latest for us. >> reporter: roberts' name surfaced less than 24 hours ago. at this point we didn't really have a motive. investigators say they found no violent history, no criminal history, but if you look a little deeper, perhaps there is some hints about his emotional well. for instance if you look on his facebook page, you notice that he posted a picture from a famous graffiti artist which says follow your dreams with the word canceled stamped over it. also there are reports that he was telling people in a he had inherited a bunch of money and planning to move to hawaii. apparently that's not grounded in any truth whatsoever. but you talk to all the people who knew him and they say this just doesn't sound like jacob roberts. and so at this point, it's just a real mystery.
7:04 am
we're also getting more details in terms of the chronology in terms of how it occurred. we're told roberts entered the second floor of the macy's store, started firing actually in the food court area. and then within a minute, within one minute, police swarmed to the scene and when roberts felt like he was cornered, he went to the first floor, that and he where he shot himself. meantime, we're also hearing from someis of his friends. listen to someone who knew roberts from high school. >> he was a counseling aid with us. kids would sometimes be assigned to be our assistant and he helped us with some of the work in the counseling office. i found him to be a very polite young man, soft spoken, nice smile. and just really surprised that somebody with his personality would end up doing something like this. >> reporter: well, don, the shopping mall remains closed.
7:05 am
obviously a tough blow for these merchants during the middle of the holiday shopping season. still don't know when it will reopen. back to you. >> tough time for everyone there. thank you very much, dan simon. just a short time ago, a suicide bomber detonated a vehicle outside the gates of kandahar air base. leon panetta had been there, but left hours earlier. it's not clear if the attack was tied to his visit. several coalition soldiers were wounded along with as many as ten civilians. erin burnett traveling with the secretary panetta, she spoke with him earlier and we'll tell you about that later -- have that later on in the hour for you. there are signs this morning that the north korean sat white launched aboard that controversial long range rocket, it may not be stable. a u.s. official tells cnn that pyongyang may not have full control of the satellite and it could potentially fall back to earth in several months. a fight over a small cluster of uninhabited islands between japan and china escalated this
7:06 am
morning. japan sent eight fighter jets of a taker chinese plane was seen near the islands, but the plane was gone by the time they got there. the islands have been in japanese control for years and japan bought the privately owned islands back in september. how to london where we're learning new details about that royal prank call that began as a joke and ended in tragedy. jacintha saldanha, the nurse who took the call, was found hanging by her colleagues in her hospital living quarters. she used a scarf. dan rivers joins me now from london. dan, this is such a tragic story. three notes have been found. two at the scene. one with the nurse's belongings. and an inquest has been opened. so where do we stand in this investigation? >> in britain, they hold what's called an inquest for an unexplained or sudden death.
7:07 am
and this certainly falls into that cat better. the more that's come out, the more this does point to suicide, although the coroner has not reached that verdict formally yet. but as you say, she was found hanging from a scarf from a door of a wardrobe in her nurse's accommodation. three notes were found near her or in her possessions. it all points to the idea that she took her life, but they whether go through the formalities of checking this out thoroughly to ensure that is what happened. there was also some other detail, police man saying that she had some injuries to her wrists. and he added that at this time there are no suspicious circumstances. so certainly that seems to be the direction in which this is going. >> so that's there in london. let's go to australia. news concerning the radio station involved in that prank call. what you can tecan you tell us ? >> the station that did the call
7:08 am
is now in serious trouble in australia. not only has it been the subject of 250,000 complaints, but the regular late tore itself is now look at the license for that radio station. so the entire further of that station is now being weighed up as to whether it should continue in it current form. it's been in trouble in the past. there was an infamous incident a few years ago where it put a 14-year-old girl on the air in a lie detector test with her other there and asked her if she'd been having sex as a teenager. and then there was this kind of horrendous moment when she admitted that she'd been raped. that again called into question the kind of standards of management there and the judgment really, not only of the presenters, that was two different presenter, but those at the top of that station and whether things need to change. >> sounds awful.
7:09 am
dan rivers, thank you. it has been three months since apple ditched google maps and now they're back. you can now buy google maps on itunes again and it is seen as a big win for google. alison kosik joins me from the this morning stock exchange. >> have you run into walls? >> this does not make sense. i know shay not turn right or left here. big props with apple maps. this adds to the bad pr, right? >> you know, it could. very very least for google, it gives google a chance to say, hey, told you we were good. but apple could also turn this thing around, this goof, and say, you know what, we're not the best, we can't doefrg perfectly, but as apple, we're willing to do what's best for the customer. and you remember what happened. tim cook apologized, he actually apologized for its map app just
7:10 am
weeks after it was introduced. this thing was just not forward prime time. cook went out and said apple fell short of its commitment to users. even ran into such problems that police in australia said the apple map put people 40 miles away from their destination in the middle of nowhere. so now it comes to today, though. we have this google option again. so as of last night, google maps are available for download, it's free. and i'm telling you, i'm seeing a lot of excitement about it on social media. so what it does is features turn by turn navigation, live traffic information and public transportation directions all of which were missing or a huge problem on apple's new maps app. and just to give you an idea of how much of a demand there is for this, right now it's the number one free app on itunes. talking about google map. so already a success just hours on ituness. they couldn't wait to get their
7:11 am
hands on it. you're downloading, aren't you? >> i really am because i was really ticked off at that other one. i was like this does not work. i wanted to throw my iphone out of the window. serious. thank you. appreciate it. near san diego, a helicopter makes a hard landing at navy base coronado, all four crew members taken to the hospital to be checked out. the cause of the hard landing now under investigation. it was a star-studded night at new york's madison square garden, an amazing gathering of musicians all sharing the stage for a worthy cause, the 12-12-12 concert for sandy relief. ♪ ♪ living on a prayer ♪ >> very nice. new jersey favorite bon jovi, brought the house down with a classic hit.
7:12 am
and they weren't the only local acts. billy joel, bruce springsteen showing support for sandy victims. plus a special performance by paul mccartney playing front man for members of nirvana. there are estimates the concert reached 12 billion people, raised $30 million, in ticket and other sales. proceeds will when fit super storm sandy relief efforts. good for them. great night. you may complain about the political gridlock in washington. but look at this brawl involving ukrainian lawmakers. and get this, all the fighting perfectly legal. male announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. ♪ hark how the bells, sweet silver bells ♪ ♪ all seem to say throw care away ♪
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have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. checks your top stories. chris christie admits that he's more than a little overweight. but during an interview with abc, he shot back at his critics. >> there are people who say that you you couldn't be president because you're so heavy. what do you say to that? >> that's ridiculous. people watched me for the last
7:16 am
number of weeks in hurricane sandy. >> notice anything different about your tv? starting today, broadcasters and pay tv providers are it no longer allowed to air tv commercials that are excessively loud. can i hear the cheers country. congresses passed the calm act back in 2010. federal communications commission says loud commercials have been a leading source of complaints. american airlines going to start charging you differently. it says it's offers lower fairs and flexibility by bundling options like check bag fees, priority boarding and change fees. the new you options are actually more restrictive and could end up costing passengers more for the same thought ou congress was dysfunctional, take a look at uhe ra contain's par
7:17 am
contain's parliament. this is the first session of the new parliament. lawmakers were suvi ishoving an punching. one person, get this, are you listening, one person's ear was torn off -- or was torn. and get this according to ukrainian law, they can't be punished, so scenes like there are not uncommon. this morning we're following new developments out of syria. just minutes ago, an official with the embattled regime denied that the government's military has fired scud missiles against rebel forces. that comes an one u.n. official confirms four such missiles were picked up by military satellite.concern both if washington and the world is that the scuds could be loaded with chemical weapons and unleashed on the citizens. nick payton walsh is in beirut
7:18 am
following the latest developments. what do you know, nick? >> reporter: as you say, they have denied that scud missiles were used. they're point to go longer range missiles. scud is a nickname for that in some ways. the "new york times" citing u.s. officials and in fact these four to six missiles fired recently were in fact aimed at a base in the north of the country which has been recently overrun by rebels. a key facility and perhaps that's the regime trying to flatten it in a scorched earth policy. but very worrying for those who see as perhaps the end of the assad regime comes nearer, they may be resorting to the more can deadly brutal and heavy weapons. >> so can you tell us more about the russian diplomat who said assad is losing more and more control of syria? what does that many and how significant is that coming from russia? >> reporter: it's pretty enormous for those in damascus
7:19 am
certainly. russia has been a political stalwart ally for political and diplomatic months over the past revolts 21 months long now. the point man of the middle east, deputy more than minister, saying he thinks unfortunately rebel victory is in fact possible.than minister, saying he thinks unfortunately rebel victory is in fact possible. suggesting we're seeing the trend moving in rebel direction. that's a big deal because in the past ten days to a week, we've seen the russians reassess that position, get involved with the meetings with the u.s., have lower level politicians saying the government isn't up to its job and putin be very friendly with turkish leaders, trying to make sure that relationship hasn't been permanently damaged. and now today we're seeing the first clear time that russia thinks assad is over. his days are perhaps numbered. and that will have huge ramifications on those inside the syrian regime worried themselves, seeing themselves
7:20 am
surrounded by rebels. >> nick payton walsh, thank you. and now we want to show issue dramatic video obtained by cnn out of the conflict in syria. here it is. it shows a young rebel fighter, look at that, just 17 years old, crawling on his belly through a hail of bullet ls to rescue a woman who had been shoot. the video was given cnn. he pulls her out of harm's way. trf i sa >> translator: i said to myself if i die, it's god's will that i die next to this woman. >> despite the young man's brave
7:21 am
efforts, the woman later died from her wounds. in an interview, the young fighter said, quote, i'm not a hero, i'm just like anyone else. what a long strange trip it has been for john mcafee. now his latest stop is miami. why there? we'll talk about it. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. ♪
7:22 am
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we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here. the story of john mcafee who has been on the run in belize showed up in miami and he spoke to reporters outside a south beach hotel. >> my mind is calm. why do you you you ask? >> you've just arrived. you were just released from a guatemalan detention facility
7:24 am
for murdering my neighbor. >> i don't think anybody thinks i murdered my neighbor except the press. >> john sa ril la has been following the story. >> reporter: john mca feef turns up in miami last night still assisting that he had nothing to do with the november murder down in belize of his next door neighbor, gregory faull. mcafee ended up back in miami after he was deported from guatemala. the saga began back in november when his nape and he got in an argument over his dogs, over mcafees' dogs. two days later, mcafee's neighbor is found dead. authorities in belize wanted to question him, but instead mcafee went into hiding. he was on the run. a few weeks later, he surfaces in guatemala city saying he wanted asylum in guatemala.
7:25 am
authorities refused him asylum and they ended up deporting him last night back to the united states. he ends up in miami. and is on south beach. he continues to insist he had nothing to do with the murder of his neighbor. he continues to insist that authorities in belize were out to get him because he didn't pay a bribe to a politician. so that's why mcafee says he was on the run and wouldn't stay in belize and he says he's glad to be back here now in miami and in the united states. the question is will authorities here want to talk to him. probably so because the man who was killed in belize, his neighbor, is a u.s. businessman and the fbi would have jurisdiction over the murders of u.s. citizens in other countries. so it's very likely that mcafee will at the very least have to talk with federal authorities about what he knows about his neighbor's killing. john zarrella cnn, miami. in a controversial move, a
7:26 am
dead marine will not be awarded the medal of honor. some say he was already brain dead when he landed on a grenade to save his fellow soldiers. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? it is time to check your top stories here on cnn. friends of jacob roberts say the image of the gunman doesn't jive with the young man they knew. authorities say the 22-year-old wore a hockey-like face mask into an oregon mall and opened fire on holiday shoppers. he killed two and then himself. a third vehicle testimony remains in serious condition. just hours after leon panetta wrapped up his visit in kandahar, in-ssurgents struck. several soldiers were wounded
7:30 am
along with as many as ten civilians. and first time claims of unemployment benefits fell last week to 343,000 . that's similar to levels before super storm sandy. in authority core rnorth koe worries as a u.s. official tells cnn the country may not have full control of the sat whielli. barbara starr joins me. is this viewed would i some as a success, but the white house is warning there will be consequences. so what are the potential next steps on both sides? >> reporter: well, you know, what they're talking about really is a continuation at this point of the track they've been on, going to the united nations, sanctions, international condemnation. because this violates some u.n. resolutions of course about north korea testing this kind of technology.
7:31 am
it is essentially a long range ballistic missile that some day could be capable of striking as far as the west coast to the united states. right now, though, the u.s. is very closely monitoring the satellite that this missile put into orbit because of what you said, they don't know if the north koreans have full operational control of the satellite. key things that should have happened sending some radio signals to control the satellite from a ground station have not yet mapped. and u.s. officials this morning tell us they will have to keep watch for several days to really try and determine exactly what's going on, exactly what kind of control the north koreans may or may not have. >> so some people are concerned that this launch means north korea could strike the united states. >> reporter: that's the big concern, why should we care, you know, if it could strike the united states with this kind of missile and if they could put a
7:32 am
small nuclear warhead on top of it, this puts north korea in a position that holds the whole asian pacific rim potentially at risk. an economic powerhouse in today's world economy. but we've talked to a lot of experts who say, look, north korea, they might have succeeded in getting this into space, this satellite orbiting the earth, but they have a listening way to go to really achieve the kind of precision, technology and engineering to be able to do something like that. the worry of course is that that time frame could be accelerating because they may be getting outside help from countries like iran. >> all right. barbara starr, appreciate it. a mean marine who died in 2004 will not be getting the medal of honor. leon panetta made the decision yesterday. some say the sergeant deserves the plemedal for jumping on a
7:33 am
grenade. but panetta agreed with the decision from sxwgates saying te is too much conflicting evidence. >> reporter: she says her brother was very generous. >> he would give everything to his friends. >> reporter: and in the end, he gave them the ultimate gift. insurgents shot hip as he and other marines raided a house in a in fallujah. >> one of the insurgents threw a grenade into the room where he was lying and he pulled it under himself and pretty much saved everyone in the room, myself and the other marines in the house all owe him our lives. >> so joining us now live from las vegas is tony perry, san diego bureau chief for the "l.a. times." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you reported extensively on this. and some say that he was brain
7:34 am
dead before he jumped on the grenade. what does that have to do with anything? >> what it has to do is the question of if he did indeed reach out and grab that grenade and smother it, was it a conscious action of a personal live or was it some sort of automatic body reaction of a body that was already dead. the initial autopsy said that it could have been dead while he was still alive which of course is exactly what the marines who were there said he did. further review by a pathologist said that, no, the wound that he had received to the head would have been immediately deadly and that when he fell, if indeed he did pull the grenade, it would have been a reflexive action of a body already dead. with this conflict, secretary gates decided the second only to the medal of honor was appropriate but the medal of
7:35 am
honor about which the standards are exceedingly high was not appropriate. this didn't go down well with the marine corps or docongressm duncan hunter and he's been pushing ever since to have it upgraded. >> how is it playing with the family? >> not well. the mother, rosa, and the two sisters and brother are crest fallen. they believe their loved one deserves the medal of hor. the brother has enlisted in the marine corps to carry on in his brother's take dig, so it hasn't shaken their immigrant faith in this country. rafael was 25 when he was killed. he enlisted the day he got his green card. he sent a letter to his brother the night before the big battle saying i'm proud to be an american. we should all be proud. it's about as emotional as you can get. secretary of navy had said medal of honor. but as we know now, leon panetta
7:36 am
reviewing the material presented by congressman hunter said, no, he would stick with the decision made by his predecessor, bob gates. >> if you wrote the story, some people would say you can't believe it, you're making this up. why is this award so important to the marine corps? >> well, the marine corps is by its nature a brotherhood. and the marines who were there believe they are alive today because of what he did. and that's indy adthat'sdivisib. they're not going to rest because of a pathologist report who did not see the body. indeed, a blue ribbon commission did look at this and say with the conflicting evidence, medal of honor was not appropriate. marines will not buy off on that, although i don't know what they can do.
7:37 am
the larger issue is why have there been so few medals, ten, in this decade of role. 246 in vietnam. why are we so reluctant to acknowledge bravery. nobody seems to have an adequate answer to that. it's the sort of thing that makes the marines heart sick. >> tony perry, thank you. the stars came out last night rocking all in the name of charity for sandy relief. we'll bring you more highlights. [ woman ] dear cat, your hair mixes with pollen and dust.
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7:41 am
to fate, might as well be the one ♪ >> music from my era. billy joel was skrujust one of who came out. he was joined by bon jovi, bruce springsteen, just to name a few. from across the pond also, cold play joined them for an r.e.m. classic. the concert raised 30 million bucks in tickets and other sales. proceeds will benefit relief efforts for hurricane sandy. it's award season in hollywood and the nominees for the golden globe awards have been announced. lin c lincoln on top.
7:42 am
can you clear this up? i like to call you nishelle sometimes. >> it's both. of a i just say whatever. just call me. just put it like that. that's what i say. >> so who is on top here? >> i know you were -- i heard you were talking about the concert, the 12-12-12 concert for super storm sandy and my dwighter time line was blowing up saying kanye west was in a kurt. we didn't have anyone in a skirt here. >> it was a leather kilt. >> there you go. i'm sure it was fantastic.
7:43 am
megan fox and jessica alba also helped out announcing the nominations this morning. we talked a lot about movies last hour. now let's talk about television. as you can tell, they're breaking everything down this morning. i'm the last man standing. >> don't they know you're trying to do some tv there? >> no, it's okay. i'm still here for you. let's talk a little bit about the actresseses in a television series. the actresses in the drama series, connie bribritton for nashville, which is a fairly new show. glenn close also for damages. claire danes for homeland. michelle dockerry for downton abbey. and julianna margulies for the good wife. and in a comedy series, the new
7:44 am
girl, veep, girls, 30 rock and parks and rec. now, three are getting their i wouldn't say revenge, but they were not nominated for screen actors guilds awards and they were for golden globes. now let's talk about the actors. in a drama series nominated,board walk, breaking badge, newsroom, jon hamm, mad men and homeland. and the comedy actors, alec baldwin, don cheadle, matt la blanc, scrim parsons. it will be a fun night. i don't know if you've ever been, but the golden globes red carpet is so good and massive and everyone is there because it's television and it's movies and there are lots of star power.
7:45 am
tina fey and amy poehler will be posting. and i don't if you have a favorite television show -- >> i do. >> i'm excited about this because 30 rock and parks and rec are my favorites. so i'm excited. >> i have a couple. but "the good wife," if you don't watch, that is the smartest show on television and the design, the furniture and the architecture, the great actors and actresses. i love julianna margulies in that. and josh charles was robbed. will gardner was robbed. >> game change got a lot of love. nominated a lot before nicole kidman got nominationses in both the movie categories and the television categories as did maggie smith. so a lot of dual nominees, a lot of crossover going on. it will be a fun night. award season has begun. >> my vote goes to alisha
7:46 am
florrick. we got to go. >> bye. >> tell those folks you're trying to do tv. "showbiz tonight" will have more tonight at 11:00 eastern on hln. questions?
7:47 am
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that's why every bit of financial advice we offer is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. top stories. lawmakers wanting answers on the benghazi attack will hear from hillary clinton. the house committee announced clinton will testify next thursday. that attack killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. there is encouraging news for jerry brown. his doctors say his prognosis is excellent for prostate cancer. police say five armed men in
7:50 am
ski masks robbed a jewelry store near l.a., shot the clerk and led police on a high speed chase. one man was caught after jumping from his car and running into a park filled with police officers handing out gifts to schoolchildren. two others ran through the cal state fullerton campus. campus was on lockdown, but police didn't find them. the other two were caught. some breaking news now out of afghanistan. short time ago, a you suicide bomber detonated a vehicle outside the 2k3w5i9 gates of ka air base. panetta had been there. initial reports are saying that several coalition soldiers were wounded along with as many as ten civilians. want to know live to erin burnett who is in kabul, afghanistan right now.
7:51 am
what are you hearing about this? >> reporter: well, i can give you a little bit of an update. so far we now understand that one coalition force of the international forces has been killed in this suicide attack. two afghan civilians. the number of injured is now up to three coalition forces and 18 afghan civilians. as well of course the bomber. the taliban praises the bomber for his bravery. i was actually with the defense secretary in kandahar today. the attack was about two hours after his departure and as you said, it's unclear whether this attack was targeted at the defense secretary or not. but as you said you can it was right at the entrance to the kandahar air field. it's pretty interesting because in kandahar today, i had a chance to talk to general abrams who is the commander for the southern part of afghanistan. and he talked about this issue specifically when he was asked about the security, he said it gets better every single day.
7:52 am
and specifically when he talked about the taliban, he said the insurgent capabilities here are pretty limited and he mentioned actually an attack that they had tried to carry out on kandahar air field that had failed. so obviously the timing on this is terrible. there are people who have you now lost their lives. but this goes against the narrative that the united states coalition force and the afghan government are trying to build, which is that this is an insurgency that is waning and on its way to defeat. one last thing, i talked to the deputy foreign minister just a couple moments ago and he told me i'm not surprised that this happened. i think this kind of thing could still happen. and every single day someone like me realizes it could have been me. >> real quickly, you're traveling with the defense secretary. when they found out this information, not going to stop them from touring and finishing their business there? >> reporter: no, it's not. as a matter of fact, right now the defense secretary is in a
7:53 am
meeting with hamid karzai. so they're continuing with that and we'll be live with our special report tonight on the future of afghanistan here in kabul. >> erin burnett, stay safe. we appreciate your r0r9 ieporti. and she'll be live at 7:00 eastern. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? hurry in and try five succulent entrees, like our tender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99.
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it's been an informative two hours. i think it has. i'm don lemon. thank you so much for joining us. the cnn news ram tips with ms. ashleigh banfield right after a break. [ female announcer ] born from the sweet monk fruit,
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